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== Card #18: Melting Sea Ice ==
|title=Melting of Sea Ice
Sea ice melting does not make the sea level rise (just as a melting ice cube does not make a glass overflow). However, when it melts, the white ice gives
way to much darker sea, which absorbs more sun rays.

== Explanation ==
== Explanation ==
For a further explanation of why melting sea ice does not raise de sea level, Archimedes and all that, see the [[Link Melting of sea ice Sea level rise|explanation page]].
For some great graphics that illustrate Earth's ice loss, check out [ this article from ESA].
==Facilitation advice==
This is the trap in [[En-en adult batch 1|Batch 1]] which almost everyone falls into, unless they have read the cards from the start. For this reason, do not ask players to read the cards during batch 1. Instead, tell them that they can try to do it without explanations and once they have fallen into the trap, ask them to read the cards.
*[[En-en_adult_card_14_energy_budget|Energy Budget]]
No main consequences
==Other possible links==
=== Other consequences ===
*[[En-en adult card 15 radiative forcing|Radiative forcing]] When the ice pack melts, a white surface is replaced by a dark blue surface, which has a lower albedo and therefore absorbs more energy. This relationship is not essential but it does allow another feedback loop of the game to be put forward.
*[[En-en adult card 25 terrestrial biodiversity|Terrestrial biodiversity]] The poor polar bear is a powerful symbol of the climat. If players make this connection, suggest they draw a bear!
*[[En-en adult card 27 marine biodiversity|Marine biodiversity]] There's probably some sort of link here...
== Wrong links==
=== Wrong consequences ===
*[[En-en adult card 13 additional greenhouse effect|Additional greenhouse effect]] This link would mark confusion with the amplifying effect due to albedo. The white sea ice melts to reveal a darker surface underneath and the extra energy absorbed warms the Earth. This mechanism is called albedo and has nothing to do with the greenhouse effect. It belongs to the orange arrows on card 13, not to the red arrows.
*[[En-en adult card 20 disruption water cycle|Disruption of the water cycle]] The melting of the Arctic ice pack, but also the melting of Greenland's glaciers may lead, in the distant future, to a disruption of the thermohaline circulation (which gives rise to the Gulf Stream). But beware, the "Water Cycle" card does not refer at all to the thermohaline circulation.
*[[En-en adult card 22 sea level rise|Rising Sea Levels]] The melting of the ice pack is not responsible for the Sea Level Rise.