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Card #7: CO2 Emissions

Causes Consequences
Front of the card "CO2 Emissions"

CO2 (or carbon dioxide) is the first anthropogenic (ie linked to human activity) greenhouse gas in terms of emissions.
These emissions come from our use of fossil fuels and deforestation.



  • Deforestation emits CO2 because 93% of man-made deforestation is done by burning forests.
  • Fossil fuels : Coal, oil and natural gas emit CO2 during combustion.

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Current energy mix


The global energy mix is 85% dependent on fossil fuels.[1] and today renewable energy sources tend to add capacity rather than replace fossil fuels.


In France in 2018, the final energy consumption (at consumer level) split by primary energy source was as follows [2] :

  • Fossil fuels: 67.4% (coal 1.9%, oil 44.0%, natural gas 21.5%) ;
  • nuclear: 17.7% ;
  • renewables: 14.9% (biomass-waste 9.8%, hydropower 3.0%, wind 1.2%, solar 0.5% (mainly photovoltaic), other 0.3%).