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Card #38: Human Health

Causes Consequences
Front of the card "Human Health"

Starvation, displacement of disease vectors, heat waves and armed conflicts can affect human health.


This is one of the cards to be placed last, as one of the ultimate consequences of climate change.




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Other causes

Heat waves Heat waves can be devastating, especially for older people and in places where air conditioning is not available.

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The Sámi are an indigenous people from an area covering northern Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as the Kola Peninsula in Russia known as Lapland. The livelihoods of the Sámi are endangered by global warming[1].

The same applies to the livelihood conditions of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic Circle in Canada and Russia[2].

Increase in water-borne diseases (cholera, malaria, dengue fever, diarrhoea, hepatitis (hepatitis A and E), typhoid, some meningitis in Israel, etc.).

Increasing vulnerability to the survival of Aymara farmers in Bolivia due to the lack of freshwater resources caused by global warming[3].