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Adult batch #3

This batch is about the physics behind climate change. It's the most complicated batch and takes the most time. The recommended duration is 20 minutes for the full version of the game.


Facilitation advice

  • For the simplified version, don't forget to remove the Aerosols, Energy Budget and Radiative Forcing cards.
  • The cards following the energy budget should be near the middle of the sheet. Don't hesitate to ask the players to move the cards around to make space.
  • It is often useful to ask the players what the differences are between the three types of ice.
  • Once this batch has been corrected, you can ask the players to draw in arrows in pencil.

Correction advice

Most of the time, batch 3 will be wrong. The connection between Temperature Rise and Melting of sea ice established in batch 1 does not help to understand how the Energy Budget leads to the five other cards. Very often, the temperature rises of water and air are seen as consequences of the energy budget. To correct this, the following is a good method:

  • Ask the players to define radiative forcing with their own words. If the definition is correct, move on. Otherwise, suggest a metaphore to illustrate it.
  • Ask them what the consequence of radiative forcing is. The answer is the energy budget.
  • Ask them how the excess energy is distributed. The players will realise that the ice melting are on the same plane as the temperature rises and therefore will make the connections.


En en Adult Batch 3.png

Once the batch is finished and any questions have been answered, move on to batch 4.