The Climate Collage workshop in Madrid

Quand :
2 décembre 2019 @ 16 h 30 min – 19 h 30 min
Où :
ESCP Europe Business School
1 Calle de Arroyofresno 28035 Madrid
Coût :

《The Climate Collage》 is a fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change. Based on collective intelligence, it is an extremely educational tool: it gives the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period of time. During the workshop, participants will learn scientific knowledge (all facts & data are extracted from IPCC reports) about the climate system and the cause-effect links between the different components of climate change, and then will be provided with keys to act effectively.

Who can play?

– Anyone who is interested to learn about the topic,

– People that are working in favor of environmental cause and would like to deepen their knowledge,

– Companies or employers that are looking for meaningful topics to address with their employees,

– Schools that have the desire to prepare students for tomorrow’s world biggest challenge. We also have a junior version for the younger ones, but for this event, we will only do the senior (high school and above).

What will be discussed?

We will use the game to go through the different causes/effects relationships, imagine and structure the interactions, discuss how we feel and how can we concretely, personally and professionally, take action toward climate change.

Come and join us!

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