The Climate Collage chairing workshop by Léa Ikkache

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2 avril 2020 @ 8 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min
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Léa Ikkache

Become a Climate Collage ambassador and learn how to facilitate a workshop!

This training session will be held in English, using the online tool Zoom. Your trainer will tell you in time how to connect to the online training session.

Why become a Climate Collage host? To help us spread the word and raise awareness around you about climate change challenges.

In this training we will discuss the Climate Collage cards in detail, learn more about the organisation and licence of the game, and share tips about how to facilitate the workshop. At the end of the session you will be ready to run a workshop on your own!


You need to have attended a Climate Collage workshop (in any language) as a participant prior to taking this training (workshops’ schedule is here). You could also check out the rules on our website (facilitator’s space) and play the game by yourself or with your friends/family.

The webinar is about 3-hour long. Attention the time difference between Paris and your region.


  • Presentation of the game (its early stages, its purporse and its objective, how and when to use it, how to get started and where to find the right information, etc.)
  • Abridged version of a Climate Collage workshop + deeper analysis of the links between all cards.
  • Open discussion about the objectives of the workshops, and how to conduct the final debrief.

A part of the training (audio only, of course) may be registered to produce a “How to” video later on.

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